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Learn how our Career Experts have empowered clients to overcome challenges and find fulfillment at work.

Dream Space Client Stories

Caleb S

I was considering a total career transformation and I was feeling unsure how to approach things.

My Career Expert was awesome: she helped me to research alternative income sources, create a game plan for leaving, and practice what I was going to say to our CEO.

She ultimately helped me in taking the leap, and making it a proactive, thoughtful process.

Kristiina L

My Career Expert expanded my thinking and made me realize that there wasn’t only one way I could be successful – I could craft my own career around what I wanted out of it.

She worked with me to come up with tangible solutions I could implement day one and helped me stick to my plan as I worked towards my new opportunity.

Jackie B

I had thought about a career coach for a long time, but I didn’t know how to start.

Dream Space made it easy by matching me with an Expert who knew my industry and really got me right away.

With my Expert, I was able to map out my strategic goals discover more confidence in my everyday.

Where Does Your Story Begin?

Everyday Moments

  • Difficult discussions
  • Effective communication
  • Productivity and time management
  • Delivering feedback
  • Work-related stress

Major Milestones

  • Recent promotion
  • First-time manager
  • New job opportunity
  • Salary and benefits negotiation
  • Performance review
  • Remote working arrangement

Life Changes

  • Career or industry change
  • New parent
  • Personal life event
  • Employer layoff
  • Graduate school application process

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